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RO Chemical (GE):


Description and Use
Hypersperse™ MDC220 is a highly effective liquid antiscalant/antifoulant developed to control scale precipitates and reduce particulate fouling within membrane separation systems. Use of this product provides longer run times and extended element life resulting in reduced operating and capital costs. Years of use in industrial applications show excel-lent results in membrane separation processes in-cluding reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) applications.

Packaging Information
Persperse MDC220 is a liquid material, available in a wide variety of customized containers and delivery methods. Contact your GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies sales representative for de-tails.

Typical dosage range is between 2 and 6 mg/L.
Important Note:
Over and under-dosing may cause membrane fouling so please contact your local GE representative to define the optimal feedpoint and dosage rate.

Maximum Dilutions
Maximum dilution is temperature related as shown below.

Safety Precautions

A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on re-quest.