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No. 1 Distributors of RO Systems in Gurgaon


About us

Wonder Water Solutions is a well known organization classified among the leading distributors of RO Systems in Gurgaon who have earned a distinctive reputation in the local markets. Being one of the largest distributors of Reverse Osmosis Systems in Gurgaon, we focus especially on the quality of water treatment plants. This is checked thoroughly on parameters such as Performance, Durability, Design and Costs. Our company ensures that superior quality materials are used in manufacturing water filtration systems.

We are authorized dealer of Kent and Livpure RO Systems in Gurgaon, softener Plants, Filtration Plants and pressure Booster systems, which are known for quality and performance. We have 20 years experience of providing the after sale services in Electronics and Water Treatment companies like Kent Water Treatment, Kent RO , Livpure RO , Planet Aqua etc. Moreover, We are giving technical training to dealers / service centre... /read more/

Our Team

Our indispensable position in the market is the result of the relentless efforts
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We distribute Kent and Livpure water purifier products in Gurgaon which have been consistently rated
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Why Us?

Quality range of Water Purification Systems, Latest technology and design
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