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Pressure Booster System (Domestic & Commercial - Pentair) :


domestic & commercial pentair ro


Pressure Booster System consists of an automatic pressure controlled pump and a tank which converts low pressure from an over head tank into high pressure.




domestic & commercial pentair ro


Corrosion-proof Composite Construction:
WellMate's FRP and composite construction does not contain any steel. So they can't rust.
Little or no maintenance:
Because they contain no steel, there is no paint to scratch or touch up.
Longer Life, Greater Flexiblity:
Our unique air cell offers life than the bladders or diaphragms in steel tanks. WM series tanks can be installed with a wider range of pressure settings, so you can select the system pressure you want. What's more, the bottom inlet/outlet assembly is pre-installed and comes with system connections to save time and money.
Light Weight:
WellMate tanks are quicker, easier and less costly to install than steel tanks.
NSF and /or FDA Listed Materials:
The complete assembly meets stringent US requirements for water components. WellMate tanks are environmentally safe, 100% lead free. They will not introduce undesirable chemicals or elements into your customer's water.
Replaceable air cell:
Easy to service in the field.
Factory-Backed Warranty:
WellMate backs its pressure tanks with a complete warranty, giving your customers the confidence and peace of mind that can turn them into buyers.